Moonbase Commander T-Shirt

Moonbase Commander T-Shirt

In the far future, Mankind has created a t-shirt so simple yet elegant the already fragile relations between nations are tested to their limits as they fight over who can claim ownership of said t-shirt design.

Available in a variety of sizes, you can now be the envy of all your comrades as you walk around representing one of your favourite Rebellion games.

Product Specifications

T-Shirt Fabric

Our t-shirts are made of 100% Belcoro cotton yarn for a soft hand feel. Sporting a rib crew neck and back neck tape, these high quality t-shirts are made to last.


Please make sure you choose the correct size when ordering as we cannot replace t-shirts due to poor fitting.

35-37 inch / 89-94 cm chest
38-40 inch / 96.5-101.5 cm chest
41-43 inch / 104-109 cm chest
44-46 inch / 112-117 cm chest
47-49 inch / 127- 132 cm chest
50-52 inch chest / 127- 132 cm chest

Moonbase Commander T-Shirt



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