Strange Brigade - Secret Service Weapons Pack

Strange Brigade - Secret Service Weapons Pack

Face down fantastic foes with this peerless package of top-notch firepower designed for Strange Brigade agents in the field! With three new firearms perfectly balanced for the discerning adventurer, the Secret Service Weapons Pack includes:

WILKERS & WHITE P19 (Pistol)

Hate wasting ammo? You’re in luck! With its butter-smooth handling the P19 pistol takes accuracy to new heights.

STOUDENMIRE 960 (Submachine gun)

The Stoudenmire may not be the heaviest of fellows, but when it fires over 900 rounds per minute with alarming accuracy, it'll do far more than just bruise a beasty!


This one-of-a-kind collaboration from Gehrig and Delgane packs a punch like no-other, but takes nerves of steel, or a damn fine schnapps, to master its brutish strength!

Strange Brigade - Secret Service Weapons Pack


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